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Harvey Diamond is a Health & Wellness Advocate and New York Times #1 Bestselling Author who has been studying and teaching the principles of healthful living for over 40 years. He is credited as a pioneer in helping shift people toward healthier eating. He has helped millions of people worldwide to not only dramatically improve their health, but also to overcome serious, catastrophic disease, including cancer.

His FIT FOR LIFE books have sold nearly 14 million copies in 33 languages and are read in over 80 countries. FIT FOR LIFE held the #1 position on the prestigious New York Times Bestseller list for an unprecedented 40 consecutive weeks. It was the fastest selling book of its kind in history.

It was also a pivotal force in the advent of the natural food supermarket and the explosion of natural food consumption nationwide.

Harvey has made multiple appearances on Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, Nightline with Ted Koppel, Merv Griffin, Live with Regis Philbin, Good Morning America, The Today Show, QVC, Pat Robertson’s 700 Club and many others.

In a stunning validation of his healing methods, Harvey has triumphed over a devastating condition called Peripheral Neuropathy, brought on by Agent Orange poisoning while serving his country in Vietnam. Although he has significant lingering damage to his musculature, thanks to his considerable understanding of the human body and its proper care, he is one of the longest known survivors of this condition. Despite his physical challenges Harvey is as positive, upbeat, and good natured a person as you will ever meet.

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